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Spreading Suicide Prevention Awareness


To spread awareness about suicide prevention, the Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Psychiatry is partnering with our colleagues in medicine to spread prevention awareness to different communities. To learn more about how to spread awareness or provide support to yourself or someone in need, we invite you to explore our resources, follow us on social media and attend our suicide prevention month events.

What is Suicide Prevention Month?

Suicide Prevention Month is a national...

Awards and Honors: July 2023

Three white trophies against a red backdrop

Dr. James Bussel, professor emeritus of pediatrics, was awarded the Henry M. Stratton Medal from the American Society of Hematology (ASH). The award seeks to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to hematology. Dr. Bussel, the recipient of the medal for translational/clinical science, is being honored for his contributions to the development of agents that increase platelet counts in...

Exploring Breastfeeding and Pumping as Unhealthy Weight Control Methods

line drawing of a woman holding a baby

Breastfeeding and pumping are widely recognized as beneficial for both mother and child. However, due to ability of both to burn calories, some women may excessively breastfeed and pump as a method of weight control, according to a new paper by investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine and Yale School of Medicine. Women with a history of an eating disorder or a current eating disorder are likely at particular risk, the investigators note. They posit that breastfeeding and pumping in this way...

Empowering Communities and Saving Lives with the Program for Substance Use and Stigma of Addiction

Dr. Jonathan Avery in classroom teaching about addiction psychiatry

Substance use disorders and the stigma surrounding addiction continue to be pressing issues in society, particularly in relation to the devastating impact of opioid addiction. Weill Cornell Medicine is dedicated to combating these challenges through its Program for Substance Use and Stigma of Addiction. Led by Dr. Jonathan Avery, Vice Chair for Addiction Psychiatry, the program aims to...

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