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Coping During Adversity: How to support our patients, our families and ourselves

supporting each other through trauma and adversity

Providing a space of shared strength and resilience for our Weill Cornell Medicine community, the Department of Psychiatry has responded swiftly to provide support in the face of tragedy. Immediate support efforts included live support groups for our internal Weill Cornell Medicine community, hosted by Drs. Stephanie Cherestal and Judith Cukor. Our faculty and staff members also...

Modern Medicine Can Do a Better Job Addressing Maternal Mental Health Disorders

black and white image of woman pushing a baby carriage, with her hand to her brow

Pregnancy and new motherhood transform a woman’s body as well as her life. While this is often a joyous time, it can sometime lead to mental health disorders, most often anxiety and depression. These conditions can be detrimental to the mother’s health and that of her child, but despite the high stakes, modern medicine often fails to address them. By teasing out the biological mechanisms underlying these pregnancy-related disorders, investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine are laying the...

Youth Mental Health Resources

youth mental health

Resource Guides

Coping in Response to Tragedy: A Guide for Families

Psychologists from the Center for Youth Mental Health at NewYork-Presbyterian have created a guide to help families with difficult conversations on coping with tragedies. The best thing you can do...

Weill Cornell Medicine at American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Faculty, residents, fellows and students from Weill Cornell Medicine will be participating in the American Psychiatric Associations annual conference from May 4-8 of 2024. For those in attendance, view the list of Weill Cornell Medicine associated sessions and posters.

Affective Computing and the Mind: Harnessing...

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