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John F. Clarkin, Ph.D., Appointed Director of the Personality Disorders Institute (PDI)

John F Clarkin PhD

John F. Clarkin, Ph.D., has been appointed Director of the Personality Disorders Institute (PDI). This appointment has been occasioned by the transition of Dr. Otto Kernberg, founding Director of the PDI to emeritus professor. The appointment of Dr. Clarkin, a national leader in the phenomenology and treatment of personality disorders, as the Director will ensure continuity in the mission and productivity of the PDI.

Dr. Clarkin was recruited to Department of Psychiatry in...

Jonathan Avery, M.D. Appointed Stephen P. Tobin and Dr. Arnold M. Cooper Associate Professor in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Vice Chair for Addiction Psychiatry


Jonathan Avery, M.D. has been appointed the Stephen P. Tobin and Dr. Arnold M. Cooper Associate Professor in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Vice Chair for Addiction Psychiatry. As Vice Chair, Dr. Avery joins the department’s Steering Committee and continues his important work to advance treatment, educate and train clinicians across...

New Study Reveals Where Memory Fragments are Stored

virtual reality scene next to brain imaging

Video of behaviorImage_combine15x

As mice navigate different rooms in virtual reality, the prefrontal neurons (top) communicate with those in the hippocampus (bottom) to conjure associated memories. Video courtesy of Nakul Yadav. From Yadav, N., Noble, C., Niemeyer, J.E. et al. Prefrontal feature representations drive memory recall. Nature...

A Guide for Parents' Response to School Violence

parents discussing mental health with children

Given recent tragedies in the news, our communities have been under a great deal of stress. The Weill Cornell Medicine community grieves the loss of those in St. Louis, Missouri, Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. We understand the ramifications this tragedy has on our mental health and the mental health of our children.

As a parent, it may not come naturally to consider your emotional experience and mental health because the concern, focus, and priority is attending to...

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