How do I offer CEs at my event?

Why would I want my event to be CE eligible?

  • Increase attendance of diverse range of professionals
  • Increase exposure regionally and nationally
  • Contribute to the department and your colleagues
  • Can earn CEs as a speaker for presenting too! See information under the section "What are the ways that Psychologists can earn CE Credits in NY?"¬†here.

How do I offer CEs at my event?

Step 1: Contact the CE Office at in order to set up a meeting with the CE Chair or Administrator to discuss your proposed activity and to review the application and guidelines. We strongly advise against significant planning of activities in advance of this initial meeting to avoid duplicating efforts.

Step 2: Submit your application materials using the link you will receive.

Step 3: Plan and prepare your activity, after reviewing the CE guidelines that you received in your initial meeting.

When should I apply for CE credit?

The sooner the better. Ideally, we suggest submitting your application at least six months prior to your proposed activity date. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The WCM Psychiatry CE Committee reviews applications only once per month during the academic year.
  • In order for your materials to be reviewed, an application must have all of the required materials submitted by the 25th of the month prior to the CE meeting date.
    • For example, if you want the application to be reviewed in the September CE meeting, materials should be submitted by August 25th.¬† CE meeting dates are available from the CE office at
    • Applications must be approved at least 1 month prior to the month of the event.
      • If the event is on October 15th, the application needs to be reviewed and approved by the CE committee at the latest by the September CE meeting.
      • Please note that submitting applications too close to the event date runs the risk of not getting the application approved in time. Please plan ahead and submit early.

 Important details about CE application

  • Changes to the following aspects of approved activities must be approved by the WCM Psychiatry CE committee: speakers, date/time of the event, format of the event (live in-person, live online, or self-study), # of course hours/# CE credits, and learning objectives.
  • Unless otherwise notified, attendees must attend the event live to receive CE credit.
  • CE Committee approval is required on an annual basis for recurring events. Recurring events will go through an expedited approval process.
  • Events with audience members outside of WCM Psychiatry faculty and staff may have costs associated with the application review process. Please contact the CE Office at for additional information.

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