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NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Following its opening in 1791, New York Hospital began serving the needs of patients with psychiatric illness as the first New York City hospital to develop a separate facility offering progressive, humane treatment for the mentally ill. After outgrowing its earlier locations, the Payne Whitney Clinic opened its doors in 1932 in a freestanding building on New York Hospital's new East 68th Street site, staffed by eminent psychiatrists pioneering new treatments and conducting groundbreaking research concerning the progression and treatment of mental illness. Today, the name Payne Whitney has become synonymous with psychiatric care of the highest quality.

NewYork-Presbyterian WestchesterBehavioral Health Center

NYP opened its Westchester Division doors in White Plains, New York in 1894 after outgrowing its previous locations in New York City. Since its inception, the Westchester Division has been at the forefront of a movement known as moral treatment, providing patient-centered care in an elegant facility specifically designed to offer the tranquility and activities required for mental health healing. The beautifully landscaped Westchester grounds cover over 200 acres, and the gracious buildings, many of which retain their original historic detail, provide ample space for specialized services and therapeutic activities. Leading psychiatric health care experts with a variety of specializations offer outstanding treatment and compassionate care, with patients benefitting from the latest findings of the faculty's cutting-edge research.

Planetree, an organization dedicated to ensuring that patients are cared for in healing environments that nurture the mind, body and spirit, designated the Westchester Division as a patient-centered "Gold Certified Site" in 2011, making it the first behavioral health hospital in the U.S., and one of only 16 hospitals worldwide, to receive this distinction.

Weill Cornell Psychiatry Speciality Center

Upper East Side
315 East 62nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10065

Mid County Westchester
21 Bloomingdale Road White Plains, NY 10605

The Weill Cornell Psychiatry Specialty Center offers expert assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders by a multidisciplinary team of academically oriented clinicians in a discreet, comfortable outpatient setting. We offer expertise in disorders across the lifespan and an approach that is sensitive to each individual's life context.

Our services include assessment, medication management, psychotherapy, couples' counseling, family therapy, group therapy, and neuropsychological and educational testing.

Drawing on the resources of Weill Cornell Medical College and our affiliated hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian, we treat a wide range of psychiatric conditions.

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