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Training and Career Development

Research and Clinical Fellowships and Career Development

T32 Research Fellowship in Geriatric Mood Disorders

The Research Fellowship is one of the first formal research training programs in the US focusing on geriatric mood disorders. Established in 1989, it has been supported by 6 consecutive, competitive T32 NIMH Awards. Throughout its operation, the fellowship has undergone continuous transformation in response to scientific developments, IOM mandates, the 2015 NIMH Strategic Priorities, the RDoc Project, and the evolving expertise of our current faculty. The fellowship organizes its research training in a continuum in which the Institute’s human neurobiology studies provide targets for novel treatment development initiatives and services research seeks to extend the quality and reach of mental health treatment in the community.

The fellowship’s strengths are: 1) The academic record of its trainees; 2) Leadership in research training at a national level (PIs of the NIMH Summer Research Institute); 3) NIMH-funded faculty in translational research ranging from molecular genetics, neuroimaging, clinical pharmacology, intervention development, and mental health services research; 4) Cohesive organization of the Cornell Institute; 5) Four Cornell pilot project programs; 6) Rich study populations and laboratory resources; 7) Databases available for secondary analyses and hypothesis generation by fellows; 8) Long and effective collaboration with investigators of Geriatric Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology and Services Research Program, Public Health and Medical Ethics; and 9) Leadership in 8 multisite studies.

Under the overall direction of G. Alexopoulos, M.D. the fellowship’s components are led by funded investigators in clinical biology (F. Gunning), novel treatment development (G. Alexopoulos), psychosocial interventions for high risk patients (D. Kiosses), and services research (JA Sirey) with a strong record in research training and by an Executive Committee with expertise in molecular genetics, neuroimaging, treatment development, ethics, and minority studies.  We train physicians, psychiatrists and Ph.D. scientists, whose personalized training programs are coordinated by two mentors (e.g. one clinical and one basic investigator) to facilitate translation research.  Beyond a Core Curriculum, we support our trainees in conducting their own studies, in preparing funding applications, and in publishing data-based papers.

Applicants to the T32 Research Fellowship must have an MD or PhD and be either US citizens or hold an immigrant visa (green card). Those interested, may submit a one page career statement and a CV to G. Alexopoulos, M.D. at gsalexop@,edu.cornell.edu.

Research Career Development

In addition to programs for trainees and faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College, the Institute provides career development training at a national level.

Summer Research Institute (SRI). The SRI is an intensive 4-day program for junior scientists or physicians from around the country aspiring to a research career in geriatric mental health. It consists of lectures, group seminars, workshops, and individual and group consultation and mentoring of post-residency M.D.s or DOs as well as postdoctoral Ph.D., Psy.D. and Pharm.D. fellows. The program is oriented to the identification of the conditions needed to establish a research career to the "nuts and bolts" of research. For more information, about the program or for an application, go to https://mentalhealthtrainingnetwork.org/institutes/sri/home.

ACGME-Accredited Clinical Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry

This one-year, ACGME-accredited clinical fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry trains two psychiatrists each academic year. The objective of this program is to enable its fellows to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in the clinical practice of Geriatric Psychiatry, to present and write scholarly papers, and to teach junior trainees.

We expect graduates of our program to become leaders in geriatric psychiatry. To this end, the program offers intensive training in diverse clinical and clinical research settings, an extensive curriculum of formal didactics, expert faculty supervision, an administrative/leadership experience, supervision in scholarly presentations and papers for publication, and a teaching experience and supervision of junior Weill Cornell Psychiatry residents and medical students.  Learn More


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