Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised (ADI-R)

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The ADI-R is a comprehensive parent interview that provides an assessment of individuals suspected of having autism spectrum disorders. To apply for a Weill Cornell Medicine ADI-R training program, or for information about future ADI-R training opportunities, contact Angela Constantine:

If using the ADI-R for strictly clinical purposes, it is possible to purchase a manual, protocols and training videotapes from Western Psychological Services and use them for clinical practice. It is strongly recommended to purchase and view ADI-R training videotapes before beginning to use the ADI-R for any purpose. However, if you have any plans to conduct research with the ADI-R, you must attend an ADI-R research training workshop and establish research reliability with WCM Psychiatry or another designated group. If you are a clinician not conducting research, you are welcome, but not required, to attend an ADI-R research training workshop. Requirements of your profession will determine administration of the ADI-R for clinical purposes.

Prior to attending training, you will need to have access to an ADI-R manual and ADI-R protocols. These materials are available at a discount for research and training use. For information about obtaining ADI-R materials, contact Western Psychological Services. You will also need to create a DVD record of yourself administering the ADI-R, that you will bring to training for review and feedback. This pre-course step applies toward achieving reliability and, in turn, also prepares you for your post-course reliability tape submission. After your workshop, you will be provided with an ADI-R DVD and protocol to score for reliability. You will then send a post-course DVD record of yourself administering the ADI-R within three months of your training. For more information about this reliability process, refer to PDF icon ADI-R Reliability.


ADI-R Trainer List