Youth Mental Health Resources

May 5 - 11, 2024 is Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. Use these resources created by our experts to expand your knowledge of youth mental health.

Resource Guides

Coping in Response to Tragedy: A Guide for Families

Psychologists from the Center for Youth Mental Health at NewYork-Presbyterian have created a guide to help families with difficult conversations on coping with tragedies. The best thing you can do for your kids is to create opportunities for open conversations. These will provide a forum in which your family can share information, ask questions and express feelings. It's also important to take good care of yourself. You’ll experience the calming benefits of self-care while modeling these behaviors and strategies for your children. In this guide, you will find more meaningful advice that may help you weather the current crisis and even bring you closer as a family.

Our psychologists collaborated with the Center for Youth Mental Health at NewYork-Presbyterian to create this guide to help parents address this mental health crisis and have meaningful conversations with their children regarding tragedies in the news. As a parent, it may not come naturally to consider your emotional experience and mental health because the concern, focus, and priority is attending to your children. In addition to personal stress, parents may be facing a difficult degree of stress when addressing these fears and tragedies with their children.

Back to School Guides for All Ages

Our psychologists collaborated to create a back-to-school guide for parents and students of all ages. Our physicians believe parents can set their families up for success by encouraging their children to overcome obstacles and finding new ways to support each other. Click the links below to view the back-to-school guides by grade.

Resource guides provided by Renae Beaumont, Ph.D., Shannon Bennett, Ph.D., Angelu Chiu, Ph.D., Avital Falk, Ph.D., Arielle Linsky, Ph.D., Amy Miranda, L.C.S.W.,  Michelle Pelcovitz, Ph.D., Stephanie Rohrig, Ph.D., and Andrea Temkin, Ph.D..


Podcast Episodes

On Adolescent Mental Health: Risk and Resilience During Teenage Development

To further our understanding of youth mental health, Daniel Knoepflmacher, M.D. is joined by Francis Lee, M.D., Ph.D. who describes his groundbreaking research on the neurobiology of adolescent development. Learn how impactful factors during critical periods of brain development effect resilience and psychological wellbeing, including social media use, early life adversity and more.

On Youth Anxiety: Effective Treatments for Mental Health Challenges

In this episode, we speak with Angela Wai Mon Chiu Ph.D. about youth anxiety. Join Daniel Knoepflmacher, M.D. for an interview exploring the causes of anxiety within children and adolescents and evidence-based treatments and tactics that can be used to treat mild to severe anxiety. 

The Impacts of Recent Events on Youth Mental Health

In this podcast episode, Shannon Bennett, Ph.D. highlights how recent happenings in the news can impact the mental wellbeing and anxiety levels of children. She reviews what parents can do to have open conversations and developmentally appropriate dialogue with their kids on what is being shared across media.

Managing Back to School Anxiety for Children and Families

Andrea Beth Temkin, Psy.D. discusses what parents and children should know about managing back-to-school anxiety. She shares tactical things your family can do during the summer to get ahead of returning to school, including establishing routines and schedules. She notes the importance for setting up plans and scheduling outings with our friends and families. She outlines the signs to look out for when anxiety could be present in children and how to add calming, relaxing activities to help with rest.

Bullying Prevention

Hannah Simon, M.D. discusses what parents should know about preventing bullying in children. She starts with defining what is considered bullying, both in-person and online, and the impacts of it on kids and families. She highlights the effects of it on the psychological well-being in children and how adults can intervene to help kids develop healthy ways to manage conflict, develop resiliency, and process their emotions. She also shares what to do if parents find out that their kids may be the bully and to resolve through active dialogue, problem solving, and concrete consequences.

Helping Children Manage Anxiety

In this special iteration of Kids Health Cast, we are sharing this 2019 episode featuring Avital Falk, Ph.D. and we go over what parents and kids should know about addressing and coping with anxiety. She discusses anxiety in children and how it can affect their ability to function and learn. She shares important tips to help them cope with their anxiety and to learn important stress management techniques.


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