Psych Support: Looking Back on Suicide Prevention Awareness at Weill Cornell Medicine

Join us in reflecting back on Weill Cornell Medicine's Psych Support webinar series for Suicide Prevention Month in September 2022. Click below to watch the recorded webinars and download resources shared during each webinar. 

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Older Adults

Dimtris Kiosses, Ph.D., is an Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine, an Attending Psychologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and the Primary Investigator for the Kiosses Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine. Join him for a presentation on how to provide mental health support as a friend or caregiver of an older adult and suicide prevention tactics for older adults.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Older Adults | Weill Cornell Medicine

Parents Preventing Teen Suicide

Join doctors from Weill Cornell Medicine Psychiatry and Pediatrics for a panel discussion on what parents can do to support their teen’s mental health and prevent teen suicide. This panel will feature Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists Juste Buneviciute, M.D. and Corinne Catarozoli, Ph.D. and Pediatrician Alexandra Huttle, M.D..

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Download Resources

Download A Guide for Parents' Response to School Violence

Parents Preventing Teen Suicide Panel | Weill Cornell Medicine

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Workers

Doctors from Weill Cornell Medicine Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine host a panel discussion on supporting mental health and suicide prevention for healthcare workers. Learn ways to support yourself and your colleagues within the field of medicine.

This panel will feature Psychiatrists Samuel J. Boas, M.D., one of Weill Cornell Medicine Psychiatry’s Wellness Champion, and Anna Halperin Rosen, M.D., Weill Cornell Medicine Psychiatry’s Director of House Staff Mental Health, and Physician Lucy Willis, M.D., one of Emergency Medicine’s Wellness Champion and Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Weill Cornell Medicine Faculty Wellness Committee.

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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Workers Panel | Weill Cornell Medicine

Maintaining Mental Health & Celebrating Resilience

Suza Scalora, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine and an Assistant Attending Psychiatrist at NewYork-Presbyterian. Join Dr. Scalora for a presentation on maintaining mental health and wellness and celebrating resilience following a mental health crisis. Learn mindfulness strategies and ways to cope with challenges and honor resiliency.

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Learn More About Mindfullness Practices

Maintaining Mental Wellness and Celebrating Resilience | Weill Cornell Medicine

Where can I go for mental health support?

Patients can find psychiatrists and psychologists for appointments for mental health care here.

If you are part of the faculty, staff, or training and student programs at Weill Cornell Medicine, there are several ways to connect with others on mental health resources. Please use the following resources if you are:

Weill Cornell Medicine Faculty and Staff

Employee Assistance Program Consortium 746-5890

NewYork-Presbyterian House Staff

Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Anna H. Rosen


Dr.Laurel Mayer

NewYork-Presbyterian Employees

CopeNYP | (646) 962-2710


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