Avital Falk, Ph.D. Appointed Director of New Division of Digital and Treatment Innovations and Director of Child and Adolescent Psychology in Child Psychiatry

Avital Falk, Ph.D.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Psychiatry is delighted to announce that Avital Falk, Ph.D., has been appointed the Director of a new Division of Digital and Treatment Innovations and the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychology. As director, Dr. Falk will be responsible for building and overseeing a centralized hub for faculty and trainees to gain mentorship and support in the development, dissemination and study of novel digital tools and psychotherapeutic treatments.

Amanda Wallace, M.D., Appointed Associate Program Director of the NewYork-Presbyterian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency

Amanda Wallace MD Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

The Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Psychiatry is happy to announce that Amanda Wallace, M.D., assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine, will join the child and adolescent psychiatry training leadership team.  As of March 1, 2024, Dr.

Coping During Adversity: How to support our patients, our families and ourselves

supporting each other through trauma and adversity

Providing a space of shared strength and resilience for our Weill Cornell Medicine community, the Department of Psychiatry has responded swiftly to provide support in the face of tragedy. Immediate support efforts included live support groups for our internal Weill Cornell Medicine community, hosted by Drs. Stephanie Cherestal and Judith Cukor.

Narcan Access and Education: Addressing the Opioid Crisis Head-On in NYC

Narcan Training at Tao Hospitality Group
Pictured is a Narcan training for Tao Hospitality Group.

In March of 2023, the FDA's approval of Naloxone, often referred to as Narcan, for over-the-counter sale marked a pivotal decision for treating the opioid epidemic in the United States. While barriers still exist in ensuring widespread access to this life-saving medication, the immediate implications of this regulatory change cannot be underestimated.

Spreading Suicide Prevention Awareness


To spread awareness about suicide prevention, the Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Psychiatry is partnering with our colleagues in medicine to spread prevention awareness to different communities. To learn more about how to spread awareness or provide support to yourself or someone in need, we invite you to explore our resources, follow us on social media and attend our suicide prevention month events.

Empowering Communities and Saving Lives with the Program for Substance Use and Stigma of Addiction

Dr. Jonathan Avery in classroom teaching about addiction psychiatry

Substance use disorders and the stigma surrounding addiction continue to be pressing issues in society, particularly in relation to the devastating impact of opioid addiction. Weill Cornell Medicine is dedicated to combating these challenges through its Program for Substance Use and Stigma of Addiction. Led by Dr. Jonathan Avery, Vice Chair for Addiction Psychiatry, the program aims to diminish the stigma associated with addiction while enhancing the lives of those affected.

Shining a Light on Mental Health: Observing Mental Health & Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Months

mental health

May is a significant month for mental health advocates and professionals alike, as it marks both Mental Health Awareness Month and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness Month. With the aim of promoting understanding, reducing stigma and emphasizing the importance of mental well-being, these observances serve as powerful reminders of the ongoing work needed to support individuals facing mental health challenges.

Welcome Dr. Justin A. Chen, Vice Chair for Ambulatory Services and Vice Chair for Health Justice


We are happy to announce the growth of our leadership team to include Justin A. Chen, M.D., M.P.H. As of February 1, 2023, Dr. Chen will be joining the faculty of Weill Cornell Medicine as our new Vice Chair for Ambulatory Services and Vice Chair for Health Justice. In these new roles, Dr.

Welcome to Dr. Leonardo V. Lopez, Vice Chair for Inpatient Services

Leonardo V. Lopez

The Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Psychiatry continues to grow its leadership team with the addition of Leonardo V. Lopez, M.D., as Vice Chair for Inpatient Services effective February 1, 2023. In this new role, Dr. Lopez will be responsible for collaborating with NewYork-Presbyterian leadership to contribute to the development, implementation, and ongoing oversight of the psychiatry inpatient hospital services at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Westchester Behavioral Health, and NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist.