The DeWitt Wallace Institute of Psychiatry is an interdisciplinary research unit in the Department of Psychiatry of Weill Cornell Medicine. Its objective is to carry out, encourage, and advise scholarship in a broad range of historical topics that are relevant to the present-day theory and practice of psychiatry. Its basic activities include sponsoring the Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar and administering the Oskar Diethelm Library.

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DeWitt Director

"Welcome to the DeWitt Wallace Institute of Psychiatry! For six decades, we have been uniquely devoted to furthering the understanding of mental health and illness through the study of the humanities. Once an 'insider’s secret', we are delighted to use this platform to make available lectures, seminars, fact sheets, and holdings of our extraordinary Oskar Diethelm Library, as we build toward a brighter future."

- George J. Makari, M.D.

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