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General Psychiatry Residency

Welcome to Weill Cornell's Residency Training Program

Dear Potential Residency Applicants:

We are thrilled by your interest in the field of psychiatry and in our program here at Weill Cornell.

This is an extraordinary time to pursue a career in psychiatry. The acceleration of neuroscientific research, together with the burgeoning possibilities of integrating the growing knowledge of the brain with our understanding of the mind, promises exciting advances in our ability to help our patients.

As a world-renowned center of excellence in both brain-based and psychologically-based psychiatry, the Weill Cornell Department of Psychiatry is in a unique position to prepare residents to participate in a field undergoing rapid growth and change. We recognize that today's resident must acquire a broad range of skills and master a knowledge base of great complexity. Our residency program is designed to help residents meet these challenges.

We offer a four-year residency training program in adult psychiatry for forty-eight residents. The primary training sites for medicine and neurology are the NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. For psychiatry, training sites include the NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and the NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester Behavioral Health Center, which together make up the largest private university-based clinical program in psychiatry in the United States. Additionally, residents complete specialized rotations in psychiatry at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, as well as electives in various settings of their choice during the 4th year of residency. These combined clinical services provide residents with experience caring for patients from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, spanning every age group and every type of clinical problem.

Weill Cornell residents are developed to be future leaders in the field of psychiatry. Weill Cornell’s Department of Psychiatry has a large and distinguished faculty of more than 160 full-time and 400 voluntary members. Our accomplished faculty is the foundation of our training program providing a breadth and depth of expertise in clinical psychiatry, scholarship, and research. As mentors, they inspire, encourage, and promote intellectual curiosity in our residents. Upon completing residency, our graduates join an impressive network of alumni around the country who provide valuable connections for career development.

Our program provides outstanding training in the development of clinical skills and opportunities to participate in empirical investigation. Our residents are encouraged to translate clinical experience and observation into research questions and receive training in the development of research methodology. They evaluate and contribute to the academic literature to prepare for lifelong engagement in scholarship. We recognize that no single frame of reference is adequate for understanding human behavior and psychopathology. Throughout our intensive clinical, didactic and research program, residents are taught a sophisticated approach to patient care and intellectual inquiry based on the integration of phenomenological, biological, psychodynamic and socio-cultural viewpoints. An additional priority for all residents is the development of the self-awareness, personal growth and enthusiasm for learning necessary for excellence in psychiatry.

Our residency is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. These core values influence our efforts in recruitment, education, patient care, scholarly work, and research. As we strive to achieve these central goals, we remain humble, understanding that the changes we seek will require continued work and dialog over the long term. Within our community, residents and faculty regularly come together to discuss structural racism, injustice, and persistent inequities in our field. In addition to the various efforts within our program, Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian sponsor a wide array of initiatives to support women, the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals from diverse, underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds in medicine.

We hope the information above conveys a basic sense of our philosophy as a residency program. We have amazing residents here, who use their training to become excellent psychiatrists in the field. You can explore this website for more specific details on what it’s like to train in our program. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Best wishes,

Daniel Knoepflmacher, M.D.
Vice Chair of Education
Director of Residency Training in Psychiatry

Jimmy Avari, M.D.
Associate Director of Residency Training in Psychiatry

Janny Chong
Program Coordinator for Residency Training in Psychiatry
Telephone: (212)-746-3709