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Youth Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (Y-DBT)

Who we are

Y-DBT is a program of Weill Cornell Medicine's Department of Psychiatry that provides specialized care for children, adolescents, and young adults with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.

What we do

In our program we deliver Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which focuses on teaching coping skills and problem-solving within a supportive and validating environment. DBT is one of the most established and well-known psychosocial interventions. It was originally developed for adults with suicidality, non-suicidal-self injury, and severe interpersonal difficulties. Since then more than 30 randomized clinical trials have been conducted on DBT with adults, adolescence and children, establishing DBT's effectiveness for a range of disorders including disruptive behaviors, mood dysregulation, depression, anxiety, substance use, eating disorder, and posttraumatic stress.

Program Director

The Y-DBT program is directed by Francheska Perepletchikova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Perepletchikova has received extensive training in DBT techniques from the Linehan Institute's Behavioral Tech, LLC and is now a certified DBT trainer. She also has extensive experience in Parent Management Training, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Trauma-Focused Therapy. Dr. Perepletchikova has over fifteen years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in outpatient, inpatient, and residential settings. Dr. Perepletchikova's clinical work is supported by her research. She has recently completed two randomized clinical trials, one funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, examining DBT adapted for pre-adolescent children.

For more information please visit her profile on weillcornell.org.

Our therapists

All therapists in the Y-DBT program received intensive training in DBT, have been rated as adherent to the DBT model, and have extensive clinical experience delivering DBT, CBT, and Parent Management Training.

Disorders we treat

The Y-DBT program provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for the following disorders:

  • Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Suicidality and Non-Suicidal Self Injury

Services we provide

  • Individual therapy
  • Skills training
  • Parent training
  • Group therapy

We provide weekly individual sessions that range from 45 to 90 minutes. Accelerated therapy services are available for individuals with significant impairment in functioning and high acuity of symptoms, and involve up to 3 times per week 90 minute sessions. Skills training is delivered on an individual basis or in a group format, depending on the client's age, preference, and clinical indication. Parent Management Training is available to parents of children 2 years of age and older. Children and adolescents between 2 years and 18 years of age are seen in the clinic together with their parents. Between sessions, therapists are available to clients and their families via phone for consultation, skills generalization and crisis counseling. DBT aims to target and fundamentally change family dynamics, in order to provide a change that will last a family a lifetime.

Our specialty

Many families with young children have to deal with occasional temper outbursts. Children may scream, curse, threaten, throw things, kick, hit, or scratch other people. When such outbursts are isolated, they do not warrant much concern. However, sometimes children may have temper outbursts that occur multiple times per week and are grossly out of proportion to the situation. Frequently these children also have an angry and irritable mood that occurs almost daily for most of the day. When such issues interfere with a child's functioning (e.g., school suspensions, peer problems) and disrupt the family's wellbeing (e.g., family life revolves around trying to prevent a child's outbursts), parents have to consider professional help.

Despite high prevalence of such problems, until recently there were no empirically supported interventions for disruptive mood and behaviors in pre-adolescent children. To evaluate the effects of DBT adapted for pre-adolescent children, Dr. Perepletchikova conducted two randomized clinical trials on this intervention in an outpatient and residential care settings. The results of these studies indicate that DBT-C can be successfully used with pre-adolescent children with a range of psychiatric problems. Specifically, up to 91% of children with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder receiving DBT-C has demonstrated marked improvement as compared to only 50% of children in standard treatment.

Currently research-based adaptation of DBT for pre-adolescent children is only available at the Y-DBT program.

Where we are located

Y-DBT clinic is a program of Weill Cornell Medicine located at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester Division, 21 Bloomingdale Road, White Plains, NY 10605.

Contact Information

For more information, please call 914-682-5464.


We are a fee-for-service clinic and do not accept insurance. Many families are eligible for out-of-network reimbursement; we encourage you contact your insurance company before your first visit to determine if you can expect out-of-network reimbursement. We will provide you with a receipt at the time of service that you can use to submit for out-of network reimbursement.

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