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Resident Awards and Honors

Below are is a partial list, including some of the (many!) awards and honors earned by recent and current residents:

Simriti Chaudhry

  • Association of Women Psychiatrists Fellowship Award, 2017

Bernadine Han

  • Regional Travel Award from the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP), 2016

  • AE Bennett Fund Grant from Sutter Health in Oakland, California for academic projects in addictive disorders, 2016

Kristopher Kast

  • American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) Fellowship Program, 2017-2018 Fellow

  • Benjamin Rush Fellowship in the History of Psychiatry, DeWitt Wallace Institute for the History of Psychiatry, 2016- 2019 Fellow

  • MindGames Team, APA national residency competition, 2017 and 2018

  • AAAP Resident Travel Award & Scholarship, 2017

Jihye Kim

  • Resident of the Month, NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medicine, September 2016

  • NIMH Outstanding Resident Award Program (ORAP), June 2017

  • APA Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators Award, May 2017

Paul McCormick

  • Resident of the Month, NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medicine, July 2018

Resident Presentations and Posters

Below are some of the (many!) recent talks and posters presented by our senior residents:


Anne Clark-Raymond

  • Clark-Raymond A, Avery J. Like a Moth to the Flame: Pica vs. Addiction Behavior in a Case of Mothball Consumption co-occurring with Substance Use Disorders. Poster Presentation, 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, San Diego, CA. May 2017.

Alyson Gorun

  • Gorun, A., Not Eating and Not on the Psychiatric Ward: Managing Anorexia Nervosa From a Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison  Perspective – a Multidisciplinary Approach. 2018 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY. May 2018                                                                                                                

  • Gorun, A., High-Lethality Suicide Attempt as a Precipitant of Acute Stress Disorder, Rapid-Fire Talks: Focus on Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders. 2017 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. May 2017.

Kristopher Kast

  • Kast K., Knoepflmacher D, Mauer E, Greiner M, Penzner J, Avery J.  Improvement in residents’ attitudes toward individuals with substance use disorders following an online training module on stigma. Poster presentation, 2018 American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium, Bonita Springs, FL. Dec 2018.

  • Avery J., Manella G., Kast K. Community as treatment: the therapeutic community model in the era of the opioid epidemic. Scientific meeting, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America of Columbia University, New York, NY. Nov 2018.

  • Kast K. The structure of the training clinic as defense. Discussant: Susan Kattlove. Clinical conference, American Psychoanalytic Association 107th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. June 2018.

  • Kast K., Penzner J., Avery J. Medical residents’ attitudes towards patients with substance use disorders. Poster presentation, 2017 American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium, San Diego, CA. Dec 2017.

  • Kast K., Dickerman A., Avery J. Psychiatric evaluation of non-organic aphagia: a pragmatic approach to hospitalized patients who are unable to swallow. Abstract accepted for poster presentation, Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine 2017 Annual Meeting. Nov 2017.

Jihye Kim

  • Kim J., Giza J.I., Anastasia A., Zhang C., Dincheva I., Lopez K., Yang J., Bains H., Bracken C., Jing D., Hempstead B.L., Lee F.S.  The BDNF Val66Met prodomain disassembles dendritic spines, altering fear extinction circuitry and behavior. 2017 Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. May 2017.

  • Giza J.I., Kim J., Anastasia A., Jing D., Dincheva I., Zheng C., Ninan I., Hempstead B.L., Lee F.S.  Molecular mechanisms of BDNF Met66 prodomain affecting cued fear extinction circuitry. Society for Neuroscience, Washington, D.C. 2014.

  • Stupinski J., Kim J., Francois D. Erotomania and the frontal lobe: a case report of delusional disorder arising from a CNS neoplasm. 2016 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA. 2016.

Christian Umfrid

  • Umfrid C., Penzner JB. Clozapine-Induced Myocarditis Following Bacterial Gastroenteritis: The Role of Infection in Clozapine-Mediated Cardiac Events. Poster presentation, 2018 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY. May 2018.

  • Umfrid C., Avery J. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Precipitated by Initiation of Valproic Acid as Treatment for Bipolar I Disorder. Poster presentation, 2017 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. May 2017.