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CopeWeillCornell: Supporting our Clinical Teams

The goal of the CopeWeillCornell is to provide psychological support tailored to the specific needs of our clinical teams. A faculty liaison from psychiatry has been assigned to teams working across NYP Weill Cornell affiliated programs.  As new teams are forming with re-deployed physicians and staff, new liaisons are being assigned to work with the teams.

The liaisons are offering virtual group town meetings and decompression sessions and will be responsible for developing and implementing tailored interventions. They will also be a point of contact when an individual is identified as needing immediate, individualized support and referral. 

This inititative is being led by JoAnn Difede, Ph.D., Director of Weill Cornell Medicine's Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Studies. Please contact Dr. Difede at jdifede@med.cornell.edu if you wish to have a liaision assigned to your clinical team.


NYP and WCM Contacts

DepartmentPsychiatry Liaison Email Address
AnesthesiologyJanna Gordon-Elliott, MD & Richard Friedman, MDjsg2005@med.cornell.edu; rafriedm@med.cornell.edu
Cardiothoracic SurgeryJon Avery, MD joa9070@med.cornell.edu
DermatologyHeather Goodman, MDheg9018@med.cornell.edu
Emergency MedicineAndrew McAleavey, PhDanm9256@med.cornell.edu
EMSSharon Hird, MDshh2005@med.cornell.edu
Environmental Protection WorkersMichael Turman, MAmit9053@nyp.org
Healthcare Policy & ResearchSusan Evans, PhDsue2002@med.cornell.edu
Human ResourcesJoAnn Difede, PhDjdifede@med.cornell.edu
MedicineKate Herts, PhD (non-critical care), JoAnn Difede, PhD (critical care)klh9007@med.cornell.edu; jdifede@med.cornell.edu
Neurological SurgeryRichard Friedman, MDrafriedm@med.cornell.edu
NeurologyRichard Friedman, MDrafriedm@med.cornell.edu
NursingRichard Friedman, MD, Jon Avery, MD, Andrew Edelstein, MD, JoAnn Difede, PhD, Michael Turman, MA, Martin Ahern, MD, Alana Warhit, MDrafriedm@med.cornell.edu; joa9070@med.cornell.edu; ane7005@med.cornell.edu; jdifede@med.cornell.edu; mit9053@nyp.org; mja9019@nyp.org; alw9092@nyp.org
Obstetrics & GynecologyHeather Goodman, MDheg9018@med.cornell.edu
Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Andrew Edelstein, MD; Ahbishek Jaywant, PhDane7005@med.cornell.edu; abj2006@med.cornell.edu
OphthalmologyMelissa Peskin, PhDmep2009@med.cornell.edu
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck SurgeryMelissa Peskin, PhDmep2009@med.cornell.edu
Pathology & Laboratory MedicineJon Avery, MD joa9070@med.cornell.edu
PediatricsAndrew McAleavey, PhDanm9256@med.cornell.edu
Physician's AssistantsJanna Gordon-Elliott, MDjsg2005@med.cornell.edu
Primary CareJoAnn Difede, PhDjdifede@med.cornell.edu
Radiation OncologyAndrew Edelstein, MDane7005@med.cornell.edu
RadiologyChloe Nims, MD & Joseph Murray, MDchn2001@med.cornell.edu; jfmurray@med.cornell.edu
Rehabilitation MedicineAbhishek Jaywant, PhDabj2006@med.cornell.edu
Reproductive MedicineKate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Residency ProgramsJohn Barnhill, MD, Julie Penzner, MD & Anna Salajegheh, MDjwb2001@med.cornell.edu; jup9010@med.cornell.edu; ans9145@med.cornell.edu
Respiratory TherapyMichael Turman, MAmit9053@nyp.org
Social Work / Care CoordinationJanna Gordon-Elliott, MD, Andrew Edelstein, MD, Anna Dickerman, MDjsg2005@med.cornell.edu; ane7005@med.cornell.edu; and2033@med.cornell.edu
SurgeryJoAnn Difede, PhDjdifede@med.cornell.edu
Transport ServicesJon Avery, MDjoa9070@med.cornell.edu
UrologyJanna Gordon-Elliott, MDjsg2005@med.cornell.edu
Westchester (4 North)Dawn Hughes, PhDdmh9003@med.cornell.edu
Westchester (Adolescent Unit)Jessica Latack, PhDjessicalatack@centralparkpsych.com
Westchester (Zero Harm Coaches)Dawn Hughes, PhDdmh9003@med.cornell.edu

Medicine Divisions

DepartmentPsychiatry Liaison Email Address
Medicine (Cardiology)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluative Sciences Research (CEESR))Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Cornell Clinical Trials Unit - Infectious Disease)Abhishek Jaywant, PhDabj2006@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Endocrinology)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Geriatrics and Palliative Care)Palliative Care: Janna Gordon-Elliott, MD & George Alexopoulos, MD; Geriatrics: Bill Apfeldorf, MD, PhD & George Alexopoulos, MDjsg2005@med.cornell.edu; wapfeldo@med.cornell.edu; gsalexop@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (GI)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Global Health)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Hem/Onc)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Infectious Disease)Melissa Peskin, PhDmep2009@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Internal Medicine)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Medical Ethics)JoAnn Difede, PhDjdifede@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Nephrology)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Pediatric Critical Care Medicine)/Child LifeAndrew McAleavey, PhDanm9256@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Physician Organization Wellness Committee's Initiative)Janna Gordon-Elliott, MDjsg2005@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Public Health)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Pulmonology Division)JoAnn Difede, PhDjdifede@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Regenerative Medicine)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Rheumatology)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Women's Health)Kate Herts, PhDklh9007@med.cornell.edu

NYP Queens

DepartmentPsychiatry Liaison Email Address
AnesthesiaMarc Dubin, MDmrd9035@med.cornell.edu
CardiologyKyle Brintz, MDkis2011@med.cornell.edu
Dental/Oral Surgery ResidentsDenise Heebink, MD & Rebecca Nejat, MDdenise.heebink@gmail.com; rebecca.nejat@gmail.com
Emergency MedicineNancy Needell, MDnneedell@med.cornell.edu
Environmental ServicesAbigail Yee, MSW, LMSWaby7002@nyp.org
Infectious DiseasesDebra Faecher, LCSWdsf9002@nyp.org
MedicineKyle Brintz, MDkis2011@med.cornell.edu
Medicine (Intensivists)Caitlin Snow, MD & Eslee Samberg, MDcaitlin.snow@gmail.com; esamberg@gmail.com
Medicine PA'sKyle Brintz, MDkis2011@med.cornell.edu
Medicine ProvidersKyle Brintz, MDkis2011@med.cornell.edu
NephrologyKyle Brintz, MDkis2011@med.cornell.edu
NursingJoanne Guarduno, NPjoanne.garduno@gmail.com)
Nursing (Maternal Child Health)Rebecca Nejat, MDrebecca.nejat@gmail.com
Nursing EMNancy Needell, MDnneedell@med.cornell.edu
Obstetrics and GynecologyHeather Goodman, MDheg9018@med.cornell.edu
Palliative Care Phyllis Mervis, PhDphyllis.mervis@GMAIL.COM
PediatricsGeorgina Hartzell, MDgeh9036@med.cornell.edu
Podiatry ResidentsDenise Heebink, MD & Rebecca Nejat, MDdenise.heebink@gmail.com; rebecca.nejat@gmail.com
Primary Care/COVID Virtual Visits MDs and NursesKyle Brintz, MDkis2011@med.cornell.edu
PT/OT/ST (Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, & Speech and Swallow Therapists)Patricia Murphy, LCSW & Danielle Held, LCSWpmurphy@nyp.org; das7032@nyp.org
Pulmonary/Critical Care FellowsCaitlin Snow, MD & Eslee Samberg, MDcaitlin.snow@gmail.com; esamberg@gmail.com
Radiation OncologyRena Semertzidis, LMSWres9132@nyp.org
Respiratory TherapyJean Roiphe, MD & Allison Lomanaco, MD jroiphe@gmail.com; allison.lomonaco@gmail.com
SecuritySiobhan O'Herron, MDseo2002@med.cornell.edu
Social Work and Case ManagementKaye Sommers, LCSW & Kyle Brintz,M MDkas9029@nyp.org; kis2011@med.cornell.edu
SurgeryKyle Brintz, MD (Residents); Sarah Auchincloss, MD (Attendings and PAs)kis2011@med.cornell.edu;ssauchincloss@gmail.com
Transport ServicesJon Avery, MD & Gurmeet Kanwal, MDjoa9070@med.cornell.edu; gkanwalmd@gmail.com

NYP Lower Manhattan

Anesthesiology/CRNA'sJill Jacobson, MDjilljacobsonmd@verizon.net
Emergency DepartmentJoseph Murray, MD & Ariela Berman, MDjfmurray@med.cornell.edu; ariela_berman@yahoo.com
ICUJoseph Murray, MD, Christina Shayevitz, MD & Mashal Kahn, MDjfmurray@med.cornell.edu; chs9218@med.cornell.edu; mak9268@med.cornell.edu
Patient ServicesJoseph Murray, MD, Christina Shayevitz, MD & Mashal Kahn, MDjfmurray@med.cornell.edu chs9218@med.cornell.edu; mak9268@med.cornell.edu
Physician's AssistantsMashal Kahn, MD; Michael Montiel PA-Cmak9268@med.cornell.edu; mwm9006@med.cornell.edu

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