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My Favorite Thing About Weill Cornell Psychiatry

Our Residents

Trainees at Dinner

“The eclectic resident community. There's a tremendous diversity of interests and breadth of viewpoints to draw from in the learning environment.” Scott Breitinger, M.D., Class of 2019

An integrative approach to psychiatry, offering perspective and world-class instruction on both psychodynamically-oriented and biologic therapies, while providing a supportive and collaborative environment between attendings, trainees and fellow staff.” Joe Bravoco, M.D., Class of 2020

The wonderful co-residents and the continuous attempt to be better.” Ariella Dagi, M.D., Class of 2021

“The ability to reach out to any my co-residents or attendings for advice on clinical matters and almost immediately received helping and thoughtful responses.” Rebecca Fein, M.D., Class of 2019

“My favorite thing about Cornell Psychiatry is the diversity of the patient population. Off the top of my head, since starting here I can recall having patients whose first languages were Bengali, Cantonese, English, French, Fujianese, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Yiddish (and there are definitely others). I didn’t realize before starting here that our inpatient units treat large numbers of uninsured/underinsured patients as well as many covered by Medicaid and Medicare, creating a huge amount of socioeconomic diversity in every setting. And because we are in Manhattan and because our care is highly sought after, we have amazing diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and every other dimension you can think of. Every day in the ER, inpatient, or outpatient we get to see patients in this microcosm of the world—you can never predict the life story of who comes in next.” David Hankins, M.D., Class of 2020

Being surrounded by brilliant, kind people who are all working together to advance our understanding of mental illness and thoughtfully improving care of the individual within the larger community.” Jihye Kim, M.D., Class of 2019

Camaraderie leads to great friendships and motivates me to be a better doctor every day!" Paul McCormick M.D. Class of 2021

“Working with so many fun and awesome people (co-residents, attendings, social workers, nurses) and having the opportunity to develop clinical skills in a variety of diverse services with good mentors." Mark Sullivan, M.D., Class of 2020

Our Faculty

Drs. Penzner, Avari, Auchincloss, Barchas, and Wilner

“A place with many brilliant, friendly people.” George S. Alexopoulos, M.D.

"The people are smart, energetic, caring and fun. Going to work is always inspiring!" Elizabeth Auchincloss, M.D.

“The ability to take care of psychiatric patients within a sprawling campus designed by Frederick Law Olmsted! I love using the space, the air, the light and the campus’ dedicated multi-disciplinary staff to help create successful treatments.” Evelyn Attia, M.D.

“The team approach to taking care of patients and making advances to the field of psychiatry.” Jon Avery, M.D.

“Working with smart, dedicated and caring colleagues to treat a diverse set of psychiatric patients who come from all corners of the globe with complex and challenging problems.” Benjamin Brody, M.D.

“The lasting professional and personal connections you can make here.” Anna Dickerman, M.D.

“My colleagues, who are smart, experienced, friendly, helpful, generous. Ever since I've started my studies as a medical student and then went on to complete my residency and fellowship here, I have been privileged to be part of this group.” Diana Feldman, M.D.

“That it feels like home. I have been at Cornell for 10 years and continue to enjoy interactions with my wonderful friends and colleagues. The friendly and supportive atmosphere makes all the difference.” Elena Friedman, M.D.

“Fabulously smart  intriguing people; the intellectual openness and curiosity of this community. We’re an intimate bunch.” Richard A. Friedman, M.D.

“That it is both big and small. Big in its breadth and opportunities, small in its intimacy and sense of community.” Janna S. Gordon-Elliott, M.D.

“The high quality staff I work with. Keeps me on my toes!!!” Sharon Hird, M.D.

“The History Institute, its library (the Oskar Diethelm Library), and its rich academic activities.” Nate Kravis, M.D.

“That the Department is a family, with everyone having interest in each other’s work and activities.”  Bob Michels, M.D.

“A genuinely collegial and kind group of clinicians, with a unique diligence with their work, and warmth with each other and their patients.” Susan Samuels, M.D.

Our Graduates

“My fellow residents, the attendings who were great role models, and the other people who taught me – my patients.”   Brian Aslami, M.D., Class of 1997

“The thoughtful and integrative approach that everyone seems to bring to patient care, utilizing multiple treatment modalities where appropriate, rather than touting one as the solution to all ailments.” Mike Avissar, M.D., Ph.D., Class of 2016

“I loved being in the midst of so many bright-minded and intellectually-stimulating teachers. Learned so much psychiatry and along the way, a lot about myself.” Joe Barbuto, M.D., Class of 1982

“Learning the very subtle things about human character in light of mental illness. Helps me with every patient.” Lina Fine, M.D., Class of 2009

“The warm people. Residency classes are very cohesive, attendings are very supportive and love to teach, and we have lots of supervision with outstanding supervisors throughout residency.” Heather Goodman, M.D., Class of 2016

“Cornell allowed me to develop a professional confidence with which I venture into the larger world of psychiatry.” Thomas Kalman, M.D., Class of 1979

“Unparalleled clinical opportunity to learn about the mind, human behavior and mental life.”  Adam Libow, M.D., Class of 2007

“The collaborative nature of care. The social workers, security staff, interns and new attendings all work, teach, learn, and think together. This makes being a resident here fun and always very stimulating.” Akshay Lohitsa, M.D., Class of 2015

“The supervision. In addition to the extensive formal supervision, there are so many brilliant faculty members who are willing to go out of their way to hear about cases and advise residents. I don't have to feel intimidated if I disagree or question someone's approach or conclusion. The perspectives are varied and the enthusiasm is remarkable!” Lauren Stossel, M.D., Class of 2016

“The way it helps to preserve psychodynamic psychiatry, both in practice an in a historical sense.”  Matthew Zimmerman, M.D., Class of 2012

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