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Illness in the Family Program

This program is designed for children, adolescents, and their families who have a relative with life-threatening medical illness or other serious medical condition. Mental health professionals assist children and their relatives to adapt to situations related to the ill relative's emotional and physical condition. The aim is to promote the healthy adjustment of children through a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment. The program helps children understand the nature of the illness and cope with the ill relative's condition which may cause decreased availability in home activities, changes in appearance and stamina, separations due to hospitalization and treatment procedures, and worries about the future.

Program Features

  • Comprehensive evaluation of children's understanding and adaptation to the ill relative's condition.
  • Individual and group psycho-educational workshops to assist children in coping with circumstances related to family illness.
  • Educational discussions of the specific illness and its treatment.
  • Individual and group workshops with parents to strengthen their ability to identify children's emotional, social, and academic needs.
  • Individual and group workshops for the ill relative to assist them with family involvement.
  • Identification of and intervention for psychiatric conditions of children related to illness in the family.
  • Collaboration with the ill relative's treatment providers and with the children's school professionals to promote healthy adjustment of the children.

Financial Information

This is a fee-for-service program.

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